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Teamwork and Collaboration

I believe that all of the competing interests in Vermont need to understand that we are here to make life for all Vermonters better every day and that it would be in our best interest to work together to that end.

All too often we are at loggerheads because we view the hard work – difficult change or difficult solutions – as something to fear. I will bring my enthusiasm for finding a way to say “yes” to the possibilities for solutions ahead of us. I believe that the way to tackle our problems and challenges lies in finding a way to use the talents and creativity of everyone.

Vermonters are smart and strong, and when we work together we can – and will – do better.

Vermont is a beacon for hope in many different ways – in its fiscally sound and socially responsible business, in its green solutions, in its protection of the environment, and in its potential to lead the way in alternative energy and affordable health insurance – and we must keep that beacon bright. We must not allow it to go out simply because there is a strong wind blowing and it is hard to keep it lit.

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