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On Government

My thoughts about serving in the government are simple: I want to help us achieve the goals that will help us move forward as a community, a state and a country. There are many things our state government can do to lead the way, and there are many where we must follow. To know the difference between the two allows us to provide a vision of what is possible that is exciting and inspiring.

To do that, we must have greater participation from the citizenry. I believe in a government that will help people get involved. I believe in a government that will reach out and serve the weakest among us, be they our elders, our children, our veterans or our neighbors. I believe in a government that will partner with business in a way that creates good paying jobs and creative workplaces, where Vermonters will thrive and excel. I believe in a government that can be proactive, and drive policies that are forward thinking and realistic in ways that allow the rest of us to follow. I believe in a government that will continue to seek out the simplest and most effective solutions, using the many effective tools we have to complete the work. And I believe that if we take care of the basic needs – a new bridge, a promised road, a modern infrastructure – our municipalities will get the push they need to revitalize, to grow and take care of themselves. My experience has shown me the highs and lows of our relationship with the state government, and I know that Vermonters will benefit if state government better serves our towns and villages.

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