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Local Economy

I am passionate about putting our local economy first, from supporting downtown designation programs (a source of visible progress in Waterbury, and a lifesaver post-flood), to emphasizing a Local First philosophy, where we look to buy our goods and services from local sources first. Vermont is home to some exceptionally talented people in every industry and it will benefit us if we use them before we look to out-of-state talent.

It’s this simple: buying goods and services from local companies keeps more money in our state. Buying local food keeps our landscape open and our agricultural heritage alive and thriving. And I believe in cultivating a creative economy, where all the pieces are present for a successful local economy – such as jobs, schools, livability and culture – and businesses and communities are allowed to thrive.

We have passed legislation over the past six  years that moves these goals forward and improves the chances that our local businesses will survive and, with support and good business planning, thrive. I will continue to support these efforts to make Vermont and its entrepreneurs successful and sustainable.

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