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Posts from the ‘Duxbury’ Category

2017 Town Meeting Report

March 3, 2017


screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-10-34-50-amHere is a link to a PDF of our 2017 Town Meeting Report. Rep. Theresa Wood and I are sharing our initial thoughts on the new session with this report. Please feel free to contact us with questions at anytime.

On the Campaign Trail, 2010


One of the benefits of campaigning across my district is that I get an opportunity to see people, places and things in a context that is not common for most folks. Whether it’s the clouds hovering over Mt. Hunger with a hayride coming toward me, or seeing Senator Leahy being interviewed, the right place and the right time came wherever I was with my camera, or, in these cases, with my smartphone. Having this technology, which operates as a leash at times, allows me the opportunity to take the picture and post it in real time. This ability allowed there to be a narrative during the fall campaign of 2010, for me and my friends on Facebook, that told the story of our district and my travels in it without relying on the common “candidate and constituent” photos. I look forward to picking up the ball this summer and fall and doing the same.   Read more

Here’s Our 2012 End of Session Report!

June 16, 2012


You can find the text version of our End of Session Report here. Better yet, here’s a PDF version of it! It was quite a year in our district, and we thank you for your support, your kind words and for sharing your fears and worries as we worked toward getting a commitment from the state to return a substantial number of state workers to the State Complex in Waterbury. The session was more than just flood recovery, of course, and our report covers some of the larger issues. Please feel free to read it and share your thoughts about what we did and what remains to be done. If there is an issue important to you that we did not cover, please contact us and we’ll fill you in.