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Getting Relief to Vermonters During COVID-19

June 28, 2020


(This is the first in a series of recaps to the recent end of this portion of the legislative session in Vermont. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our session extended from the expected end in mid-to-late May until now, and we will return at the end of August to finish our work, primarily the rest of the budget. We are reacting first to the public health crisis, which, while it seems “contained” in Vermont, is by no means over, and secondly to the economic crisis brought on by the public health crisis. When we return in August, we hope that we will have a better handle on what funds will be available to help us make our ends meet in the coming fiscal year, and what it will mean to our tax base, our property taxes and the services we’re expected to provide to Vermonters in the coming months.)

Over the past several weeks the Vermont Assembly has finalized $1B in Corona Relief Funds (CRF) to help Vermonters, including over $235 million for businesses, farms and non-profits who have suffered significant losses due to COVID-19.  In order to get these dollars out quickly to help stabilize various sectors of our community, a variety of agencies and organizations are handling different sectors, and are doing their best to get programs up quickly and get these much needed economic relief dollars out the door. Due to the everchanging Treasury guidelines, and the reality that most if not all businesses that were adversely affected by the onset of the COVID-19 crisis could not handle more loans, we responded within those guidelines in a way that we expect to be helpful. Please follow the links below to the agencies that will be handling requests for these funds.

Below is a partial guide that I hope will help local businesses and non-profits in accessing these vital economic relief grants. Please reach out to Rep. Theresa Wood or me via email if you need additional help in connecting with these resources: or

We will be posting further updates in the days to come that will explain much of our other work on getting the CRF out to Vermonters.

Economic Recovery Grants

$50 million for businesses who file sales, meals or rooms tax, available now.              

$102 million Grants for businesses and non-profits, guidelines will be posted week of June 29th

$30.5 million for dairy farms and producers, agricultural businesses, food markets and agricultural fairs, guidelines will be posted week of June 29th

questions email:

$5 million for arts and cultural organizations and creative businesses Being developed and guidelines will be posted soon.

$5 million for women & minority-owned businesses. Being developed by the VT Commission on Women and by guidelines will be posted soon.

$5.5 million for forest economy stabilization and outdoor recreation businesses. Being developed and by guidelines will be posted soon.

$3.5 million for working lands program

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