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The Day Before Election Day

November 3, 2014


It’s just before 6:00 AM on the Monday morning before election day. I’m having a quick cup of coffee and a small breakfast before I get in a car with Rebecca Ellis and motor over to Huntington (35 minutes over the hill) for a honk and wave — you know, one of those candidate chores where we stand on a corner and wave to the folks as they go to work, or as they drive their kids to school, or both. We’ll get a lot of thumbs up, a few thumbs down, some waves, some smiles, and a handful of folks who keep staring ahead.

Does this feel important? No, or at least not in the same way as helping to write legislation that will help Vermonters, be it a raise in the minimum wage or shoreline protections or renewable energy. But we do it because we would like to return to the State House to do the best job we can for our constituents and for Vermont. And whether it FEELS important is beside the point — it IS important, because we need to let people know that there is an election, and that the time to vote is now.

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to serve, and the opportunity was made possible by the efforts, dedication and service of others, from veterans in the battlefield to our predecessors in the legislature, to the people who implement our laws. Please vote. Your vote is your voice, and many people have worked extremely hard to make sure, here in Vermont especially, that your vote, and your voice, matter. There are many excuses not to vote, but you only need one to get out there and do it — it is a privilege and an obligation, and I hope, no matter if you support me or not, that you will vote in the election tomorrow.


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