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Quick Town Meeting Wrap Up

March 6, 2014


As far as major issues were concerned, the towns of Waterbury, Huntington and Bolton passed everything put before them — all municipal and school budgets passed, a bond to increase the fresh water supply at Harwood passed and the bond to fund a new municipal office building and library passed.

Each of these issues must now await the thirty day rescission period. Rescission, for Australian ballot measures, is the bane of progress in Vermont. I agree wholeheartedly with keeping it for votes off the floor, but the required process for Australian ballot issues means that there are no surprises on voting day, you vote on what was warned, and that should be that. Rescission, as it has been used in Waterbury, is a “two bites at the apple” weapon that has been abused in the past. It is, in my opinion, an antidemocratic tool when applied to Australian balloting. Strong words, I know, but it is completely disrespectful of the process the community goes through to develop plans and bonds to pay for them, sometimes over a year, only to have it win (perhaps) by narrow vote questioned and voted again by a rescission vote.

I am happy that we passed all of our school votes, in all three towns. This was a tough year, which followed a tough year, with our education finances. It is clear that the system will need to be adjusted to acknowledge the difficulties we are facing, namely the large increases in tax rates when the districts are keeping their budgets spare. While it is easy to say that the Great Recession is still playing a role (with our mostly level property values over the past four years), it is also playing a role in keeping the common level of appraisal even. But the situation isn’t that simple. Our role in Montpelier will be to find an adjustment that works, while not dismantling our excellent public school system.

We must be careful to not overreact…the number of budgets voted down were the highest in ten years, but nowhere near the most in one year. There are still 19 towns left to vote their budgets, and we expect a couple of them will reject the budgets the first time through.

And we must be careful not to celebrate the passage of the bond in Waterbury. Many of us see it as another step in the road to recovery from Irene, which means it has not been easy. Our tradition of rescinding votes is one of drudgery, but one that has been marked with hope. The margin of victory on this vote was substantial, and the selectboard and the building committee did their job in presenting an affordable project, made more so with a $1 million grant from CDBG-DR. If April 4th comes and goes without a petition to rescind, we can break out the champagne and then get to work raising the money necessary to pay for it. If we must vote again, we must do it before we lose the grant.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making our democracy as powerful and messy as it is. We have a special brand of it in Vermont, and I am so very lucky to be able to witness the wonderful variations of it in Waterbury, Huntington, and Bolton.


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  1. August 3, 2014

    I read what you put out and just can’t believe it ! What about people who suck it up and do what it takes to support a family! Really don’t understand where you come from. Seems to you a trust fund is a great thing. Your no representative of mine. Hey thanks again for supporting small business like you once promised. So glad someone is finally running against you! Will support them anyway I can .

    • August 3, 2014

      Bud: Thanks for your comments. Beyond the general dislike for me personally, I’m not sure by your comments what precisely you are angered about. My wife and I are, unfortunately, not trust funders, and we live on an extremely tight budget with two kids in college. We live in Waterbury Village, and our taxes are higher than those of the town and, as you seem to imply, are getting pretty unsustainable for a middle class family like ours. If you have any specific issues you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts, either on the phone or over a cup of coffee. Whether or not you feel like I am no representative of yours, and whether or not I personally represent your views, is irrelevant to the fact that I do represent you, and I will listen to your concerns. Finally, as to having an opponent, I would rather have one than not. I seat I hold is a privilege and an honor, and while it would make my life less busy without an opponent, we live in a democracy and those who feel a responsibility to have their point of view and voice heard will always be welcome. Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for visiting my site.

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