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Links and Resources

I’ve put together some useful links and resources regarding the issues I’m passionate about and the information you’re sharing with me as I speak with you at events and on your doorsteps. Got a link to share? Send it along!


Health Care

Energy & Environment

Local Economy

Social Services

Flood Recovery


Teamwork & Collaboration


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  1. Jeffrey Krull #
    July 20, 2012

    Dear Representative Stevens,

    My name is Jeffrey Krull, I live in Huntington. I believe we met in Jericho Center a few years ago. I purchased a home in Huntington in October, 2008 after a difficult separation. I have a six year old daughter who spends half of her time with me, and the other half with her mother. The past few years have been challenging in many ways one of which has been financially. I fell behind in my finances and property taxes. I was unaware of Act 68 as a new homeowner and qualify for a reduction in my property tax liability. My income unquestionably has qualified for act 68 since 2008. I have been unable to catch up on my tax bill due to the late penalties and now am facing a tax sale and additional associated fees. I believe we are paying too high a penalty for falling behind in our taxes which will cost us our home. Can you help us in any way?

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